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Why do a (PEG) mentorship?

Repeat of May 2023 conference presentation

Join PEG for our webinar series where you will have the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills as editors and proofreaders in a variety of ways: linguistic, stylistic, business, digital, technical and more. Curious about mentoring (either as a mentor or a mentee) or contemplating entering into a mentorship? Why not hear about it from someone who’s been there, done it successfully!

Focus: The purpose of this webinar is to demonstrate not only how a mentorship works but also its advantages and benefits, either to those new to editing or to those wanting to switch genres and in need of support in taking that ‘giant leap’. And three mentees who have graduated successfully from their mentorships will share their experiences with you.

Date: Thursday, 22 February 2024

Time: 14:00 to 15:30

Place: Online (Zoom meeting)

Facilitator: Cathy Robertson (with mentees Vimbai Jenjezwa-Mufukare, Carrie Milton and Ricky Woods)

CPD hours: You will qualify for 1,5 hours of formal CPD when you attend this webinar and only 30 minutes of discretionary CPD if you listen to the recording only without proof of attendance.

About our facilitator and panellists

Cathy Robertson has mentored seven PEG mentees and is busy with her eighth. After teaching languages at school level, she lectured English at a teachers’ training college and then became involved with skills development at a TVET college. She therefore has a strong background of public–private partnerships, assessment and moderation practices. These skills have stood her in good stead at PEG, where she sets and marks the accreditation test.

Vimbai Jenjezwa-Mufukare is a researcher and copy editor. After having undertaken research on fisheries and service delivery, she decided to venture into copy editing for career development (augmentation). She took a copy editing and proofreading course in 2021. Her copy-editing work thus far has been on educational blogs, a magazine and company websites.

Carrie Milton is a veterinarian, adventure guide and language practitioner. After completing her Bachelor of Veterinary Science and working with a variety of animals for a number of years, she reawakened her love for the written word. She is a PEG Accredited Text Editor and has tried her hand at everything from theses to fiction.

Ricky Woods is a retired teacher of English (how does one retire from teaching English?). The past ten years or so have seen her focus more deliberately on editing, through taking copy-editing courses run by UCT and UP in addition to numerous PEG webinars. A PEG Accredited Text Editor, she works mostly in the area of academic editing but has dipped her pen into some non-fiction and even fiction.

About the webinar

Very often, being an editor is something that happens sometime after you have completed your studies or followed a career in something completely different. During the time that you have been out of editing action, things have changed in the world of language, especially in the Digital Age. When starting out as an editor in this highly competitive field, you may not realise what a lonely job it is, despite having access to a digital platform. You are not in an office where a quick question may be answered by a colleague or where you, new to the field, may be interned to reach a level of proficiency where you are confident to market yourself and build up a client base. You cannot learn through observation as you are very much on your own. You have no way of practising the art of editing under the watchful eye of someone who has the experience and the time to guide you through the process.

No matter what your genre of editing, a comforting solution to all these challenges is to do a mentorship with a professional association such as PEG. It does not matter what your background is; all you need to help you through a mentorship is a love of language, a strong urge to correct sloppy expression (especially in the field of academic editing) and someone to whom you can raise questions that come up along the way. Although there are many fields in which you can do a mentorship, this presentation will focus on a mentorship in academic editing, since that is the forte of the presenters. By means of a short presentation, a PEG academic mentorship will be defined and the benefits of signing up for a mentorship will be explored and then expanded on by means of interviews with two members of PEG who have been mentored successfully.


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Non-affiliated members R695 R780

*LAMP members: Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB), ProJourn, Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA), South African Science Journalists’ Association (SASJA) and the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI).

Please register by completing and emailing the registration form to Sharon Rose.

Deadline for registrations: 12:00 on 21 February.

Cancellation policy

If members are unable to attend this webinar after having registered and paid for it, a full refund is possible if cancellations are received by Sharon Rose by no later than 12 noon on 21 February. Once the final number of attendees has been confirmed on the eve of the webinar, no refunds are possible.

In addition, should you be prevented from participating in full or in part on the day of the webinar owing to Eskom loadshedding, you will be entitled to take either the same webinar or another on the 2024 webinar programme. When this occurs, the onus will be on you to inform the webinar coordinator of your disqualification on this ground and to specify which alternative webinar you would like to transfer your registration to.

Remember, though, that as a would-be or part-participant on the day, you will in any event receive the audio recording of the entire event plus PDFs of the PPT slides.

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22 February, 2024 @ 14:00 - 15:30 Africa/Johannesburg at Online (Zoom) by PEG | First Quarter Webinar Zoom

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