If you’d like to send us a job advertisement or job specification, fill in the form below. We’ll then distribute your requirement to our members promptly and put them in touch with you directly.

PEG appreciates job postings from various prospective employers locally and internationally.

However, to ensure that the postings appeal to all our members and align with our inclusive values, we saw fit to institute some requirements.

The requirements outlined below serve as a filter for appropriate job postings that promote the craft of editing and proofreading. Other subfields such as indexing and transcribing are also accommodated but our focus is predominantly on editing and proofreading, as reflected in our identity.

Requirements for submitting a job

Before submitting a job posting, please go through the checklist below as a pre-qualification to check if your posting is relevant to our platform.

  • Is the job posting predominantly about editing and/or proofreading?
  • Does your posting invite all our members to apply, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or other identity?
  • Does your posting, if full-time, adhere to minimum wages prescribed by the South African government?
  • Does your posting, if freelance, align to minimum freelance rates as encouraged by the Southern African Freelancers’ Association?
  • Does your posting accommodate all ages?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, this platform would not be appropriate for your submission. Please consider other platforms to advertise your job posting.

Academic editing

For those seeking academic editing and proofreading services, please read our guidelines here to ensure your request is reasonably timed and you understand the role of an academic editor. A thorough edit generally takes longer than people think – three weeks or more for a dissertation of 200+ pages. Please bear this in mind when submitting an academic text for editing.

At minimum please provide the following information about your job posting:

  • Genre/field of study/document title
  • Length (pages and/or words)
  • Referencing style (if applicable)
  • Deadline/timeline

If you are comfortable doing so, please also provide a short sample (1-2 pages) of the document along with your request. This will assist prospective editors in providing an accurate quote.

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