Editors and PEG members as well as anyone employing editors will find the following resources and links helpful. If you have a resource you would like to submit please email us.

Affiliate Links

A selection of organisations with whom we are affiliated or that relate to the work we do. Active links give you quick access to their sites.

Continuing Professional Development

For members to remain updated with editing trends. 

Editorial Aids

Advice and information for productive working


Frequently asked questions

Freelancing Tips

Freelancing Tips

PEG Blog Contributor Guidelines

Guidelines to all contributors of the PEGblog.

PEG e-Guides

Electronic publications by PEG on aspects of editing

Using PEG e-Groups

A handy reminder for members participating in PEG’s e-groups

PEG Guides

Publications by PEG on aspects of editing


PEG’s publication for members, published three times a year

Sample Contracts and Letters

Templates and guidelines for editors

Site Map

Site Map

Tools of the Trade

Which reference works should I have at my disposal if I’m to edit and proofread professionally?

Training Providers

A list of recommended training providers