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House Style, Style Sheets and Imposing Consistency on Texts: Important Pillars of the Editor’s Craft

REPEAT from 2022

Join PEG for our webinar series where you will have the opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills as editors and proofreaders in a variety of ways: linguistic, stylistic, business, digital, technical and more. Curious about what imposing consistency on manuscripts and page proofs entails? Wanting to know more? Why not hear it from one of PEG’s seasoned members who’s mastered the art of imposing Consistency, consistency, consistency (to quote the title of PEG’s guide to style guides) on authors’ texts.

Focus: Making consistent style decisions is essential during copyediting. (Or should that be copy-editing? Or perhaps copy editing?) In the upcoming webinar ‘House style, style sheets and imposing consistency on texts: Important pillars of the editor’s craft’ you will learn what to consider when thinking about style decisions, why working with a style sheet is useful, how to put one together, and where the balance lies between context and consistency. There will be ample examples, exercises and opportunities for discussion in this interactive session to help you deliver consistently confident and careful copyedits/copy-edits/copy edits(!).

Date: Saturday, 4 March 2022

Preparatory material will be sent to registrants in advance.

Time: 10:00 to 13:00

Place: Online (Zoom meeting)

Facilitator: Linda Pretorius

CPD hours: Attendees will qualify for 3 formal CPD hours; those who listen to the recording only will earn 3 discretionary CPD hours.

About our facilitator

Linda Pretorius has a science background and holds a PhD in Biosystems from the University of Pretoria. She loves science and working with words. In her career as a science writer, editor and proofreader she has found the best of both worlds.

Linda entered the world of editing in 2008, first as a freelancer and then working as an in-house editor at a large educational publisher for eight years. She thinks that her science studies and inquisitive nature helped her to develop a keen eye for detail and a systematic approach to making consistent style decisions. Having worked on diverse projects across a wide range of subjects, she has learnt that a style sheet is like an editor’s safety net. In 2019, Linda decided to take the plunge and return to the freelance world, where she shares her experience with others as editorial consultant and hands-on practitioner.

About the webinar

Linda will walk you through the rationale behind maintaining and implementing an institution’s house style and then having to record your consistency decisions that are specific to a particular text. In the process, she will drive home the message, through her slides and the exercise she will work through, of just how important imposing consistency on texts is – in fact, as important a contribution to a publishable document as dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is. She will also share tips and hints on how to detect inconsistencies throughout a document (and which to root out) and to ensure that they are knocked into shape so as to add lustre both to an author’s text and to an editor’s reputation as someone with an eye for detail. There will also be plenty of time for you to pose your questions about matters of (in)consistency, so please come armed with them!


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*LAMP members: Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB), ProJourn, Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA), South African Science Journalists’ Association (SASJA) and the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI).

Please register by completing and emailing the registration form to Sharon Rose.

Cancellation policy

If members are unable to attend this webinar after having registered and paid for it, a full refund is possible if cancellations are received by Sharon Rose by no later than 12 noon on 2 March. Once the final number of attendees has been confirmed on the eve of the webinar, no refunds are possible.

In addition, should you be prevented from participating in full or in part on the day of the webinar owing to Eskom loadshedding, you will be entitled to take either the same webinar or another on the 2022 webinar programme. When this occurs, the onus will be on you to inform the webinar coordinator of your disqualification on this ground and to specify which alternative webinar you would like to transfer your registration to.

Remember, though, that as a would-be or part-participant on the day, you will in any event receive the audio recording of the entire event plus PDFs of the PPT slides.

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4 March, 2023 @ 10:00 - 13:00 Africa/Johannesburg at Online (Zoom) by PEG | First Quarter Nitty gritty Webinar Zoom

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