PEG is proud and pleased to announce the launch of PEGblog. We hope that you will visit us often to read the latest posts and to interact with PEG and its members.

Who are we?

PEG has a subcommittee for PEGblog.

In alphabetical order:

  • Anna Herrington: PEG marketing and communications coordinator
  • Anneke Brand: Deputy editor of PEGboard (concentrating on obtaining blog posts, original or translations, in Afrikaans)
  • Jacqui Baumgardt: PEGboard editor
  • Khomotso Leshaba: PEG Exco member at large (concentrating on obtaining blog posts, original or translations, in South Africa’s official indigenous languages)
What do we do?

The PEGblog subcommittee vets all blog posts according to the PEGblog guidelines for writers.

What is our blog about?

PEGblog covers all topics related to language, editing, proofreading and revising of the written language in all of South Africa’s official languages. We also cover topics related to freelancing, running our own businesses and productivity.

Who is our blog for?

PEGblog is for anyone with an interest in language, editing, proofreading and revising text.

Our ideal readers are

  • professional editors and proofreaders
  • anyone wishing to pursue a career in editing or proofreading
  • anyone who uses editors and proofreaders
Why are we blogging?

PEGblog is committed to

  • providing useful and interesting content as a learning tool for our members
  • promoting PEG’s work and activities
  • fostering communication between our members, our affiliates and the general public
Who are our bloggers?

Our bloggers are PEG members and special guest bloggers who want to raise their profile, establish themselves as experts in their field, and improve their own writing. If you would like to write a blog post for PEGblog in any of our 11 official languages, please read our contributor guidelines and contact Anna Herrington at 

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of PEG.

About PEG

The Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG) is a non-profit company (NPC) in South Africa. Since moving to online activities in March 2020, PEG has been able to offer members across South Africa, and internationally, access to an extensive online webinar programme. Continuing professional development remains a key offering and the first PEG Accreditation Test was administered in August 2020 to benchmark excellence in the field of editing.