Keynote Speaker: Tiffany Markman


‘I’m not good enough to do this. They’re going to figure it out. Why haven’t they said anything?’ Have you ever had sentences like these bounce around in your mind?

For people who work largely with words, sometimes it can feel like obstacles are everywhere. There are the internal demons (resistance, self-doubt, overwhelm, performance anxiety and creative blockages) and the external demons (difficult clients, poor briefs, complex content, tight deadlines and scary tech). Up to 70% of professionals have felt like a fraud or an impostor at some point in their career – but it’s worse when your talents live inside your head. In fact, writers, editors and other creatives experience ‘Impostor Syndrome’ so frequently that their experience is sometimes assigned its own subcategory by psychologists. Having battled and largely beaten this beast herself over the years, copywriter and speaker Tiffany Markman has 10 practical tips– and some rude awakenings – to share with you. When you attend her practical, funny, honest keynote address you’ll start a conversation with the potential to actually improve the quality of your life.


Tiffany Markman

Tiffany is a multi-award-winning copywriter, an international trainer and sought-after speaker – known for her expertise in writing and messaging, digital marketing and content strategy, creative ideation and more. She has written for 450+ brands in 15+ countries, trained more than 10 000 professionals in person, and addressed more than 25 000 people online. A proud member of PSASA, the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, Tiffany is also a regular contributor to Bizcommunity, MarkLives, Medium and IABC Catalyst, and has a prolific – if highly opinionated – social media footprint. She has very small feet and a very big mouth.

Tiffany Markman