Presenter: Alexis Grewan


This presentation offers a brief context of who we are as communicators in the Digital Age. It draws on a model of interpersonal interaction called ‘transactional analysis’. The presentation offers a way of understanding what happens in our interactions on professional platforms and concludes with tips on how to use this information in our professional relationships (with colleagues and clients).

Electronic communications have become our standard means of communicating, whether via email, WhatsApp, short message services, or social media platforms. While digital technology has brought with it innumerable opportunities and benefits, it relies on human beings to use it effectively and appropriately. The Digital Age is not just about technology and which applications, software or social media platforms we can use to improve our work. It is about how we use ourselves through digital technology at every turn, in every contact and on every platform. We need to be reminded that our professional reputation rests on our skill in not only language practice but also effective and appropriate communications.

The presentation will be delivered using a PowerPoint presentation with visual images to explain the dynamic interaction of three ego states that exist within each of us, but that play out differently in our communication with one another. Examples will be shared to demonstrate how these ego states manifest and how we can manage our responses to other people in order to avoid and/or ameliorate tension, conflict or counterproductive interactions. This presentation is aimed at anyone who recognises that the quality of their relationships with others (colleagues and clients) is as important in the success of their work as the technology they use or the skills they have developed.


Alexis Grewan

Alexis is a collaborator with a flexible style of communicating. She worked in two previous professions before entering the world of language practice. Her background as a social worker and natural healthcare professional underpins her interest in the way we interact and what drives the quality of our communication with others. As an editor and writing consultant, Alexis values accuracy and upholds high standards of editing and writing practice. She is ethical, vigilant, disciplined and reliable; she believes these values should also form the basis of professional relationships. Alexis is a PEG Accredited Text Editor and has been the chairperson of PEG since May 2021.

Alexis Grewan