Presenter: Brian Mossop


The talk will look at the combined impact of Neural Machine Translation and neoliberal economics on quality in the language industries. Checking policies, checking techniques, and the concept of what counts as an error, tend to be squeezed between often-conflicting professional and business pressures. I’ll also consider the relationships among monolingual editing of translations, comparative translation revision and translating-by-post-editing raw machine outputs, with particular attention to differences in the way error-detection ability – the key required skill – seems to operate in each of them.


Brian Mossop

Brian was a French-to-English translator, reviser and trainer at the Canadian Government’s Translation Bureau for forty years. Since 1980, he has also been teaching revision, scientific translation, translation theory and translation into the second language at the York University School of Translation in Toronto. He is the author of the standard text on Revising and Editing for Translators, now into its fourth edition (Routledge 2020) – a vade mecum his name has certainly become synonymous with internationally.

Brian Mossop