Presenter: Carrie Milton


Which of my go-to reference books come in digital format? Is remote work really as glamorous as it appears on Instagram? Are there portable load-shedding solutions? What are the requirements for a digital nomad visa? Do I choose cloud storage or an external hard drive? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit a friend or family member for a month without taking leave?

If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, then this presentation is for you.

When I first formalised my passion for proofreading, I did so with the simple goal of building a second skill set and a sideline income. I never dreamed that it would grow to a point where I could consider resigning from full-time veterinary work and explore a completely different lifestyle.

But it has, and along with bigger dreams have come significant questions, considerations and problems to be solved. As an old soul, some of the ‘advancements’ of the Digital Age haven’t sat quite right with me; yet, in order to embrace the fact that going on an adventure or two is within my reach, I’ve needed to adapt.

Over the past year, while working towards being less and less location bound, I have done a fair amount of research, learnt through trial and error, and continue to problem solve in the digital nomadism context. If you are interested in embarking on an adventure of your own, whether local or international, then I hope that by sharing the basics with you, I’ll be able to help you turn idea into reality.


Carrie Milton

Carrie is a writer, editor, veterinarian and adventurer. After working with a variety of animals for a number of years, she reawakened her love for the written word and was in the first group of editors to achieve PEG Accredited Text Editor status. She now splits her time between veterinary work and editing work and enjoys having the flexibility to hike, dance, travel and visit family that this combination allows.

Carrie Milton