Presenter: Dave Henderson


Are you hungry for more editing work? Every day, editors are looking for new customers in the wrong places. Underselling themselves to the wrong clients. Or just quoting too low.

Does this sound like you?

How, then, can an editor stand apart better from the competition? How to find more regular work? Or command a higher price? Weak or non-existent branding will keep an editor consigned to the bargain basement.

During our time together, I examine a few core concepts that will help an editor build a better brand. This means they will no longer need to rely on word of mouth alone to find new clients. It also means more reliable and automated lead generation.

Starting with the difference between thinking as a freelancer vs as a business owner, I break open a few core concepts that separate the two – from branding yourself (logos, basic business tools + advice) through to building a better website, one that lends itself to bringing in new leads to your door, ready to do business with you. And your being an editor looking to find more work and looking to command better prices, by building a stronger brand.


Dave Henderson

Dave is the founder of the MYeBook self-publishing business. He also acts as the Chief Welcome Officer; welcoming every new author through the doors of the business. After their first chat, he recommends a publishing route that will best suit the author’s specific goals before he introduces them to the rest of his talented team. He is always on call to ensure that no author ever gets left behind.

Dave Henderson