Laetitia Sullivan

My Qualifications


Sworn Translator (WC High Court: 4780/16)



Years of experience

18 Years


Annual reports
Business communications
FET College
Letters and Memos
Marketing material
Narrative non-fiction
School textbooks
Web text

Subject areas

Arts and culture

Skill detail

Translation | Copy-editing | Proofreading

Special subjects

Not on record

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About the editor

About me

Work experience

I am that rare breed – a truly bilingual English and Afrikaans translator, editor and proofreader. I work with private individuals and law firms by translating personal and official Afrikaans documents to English for use in court or for emigration purposes. I also channel my inner nerd by helping SaaS, e-commerce or digital marketing companies with UI/UX localisation in Afrikaans or for the English-speaking South African market.

But there’s more …

Because I also paid my dues in the corporate world, the way companies speak to their shareholders and the general public is close to my heart. If you are less interested in vanilla but love your raspberry ripple, then I’m your language professional to put the fun back in corporate communication.

Last but not least …

In the mists of time, I got my start in publishing as freelance book editor and proofreader working on cookbooks, garden books, business books, 100-ways-to-fold-a-napkin books … you get the idea. I pivoted (always wanted to use this word in a sentence) my love for books into a career as freelance translator and got my accreditation for Afrikaans and English translation from the South African Translators’ Institute. In 2019, I even won the prize for outstanding service translation for a non-fiction title on educational psychology. These days, I still work with traditional publishers but also provide Afrikaans and English editing or proofreading services to authors who want to self-publish. One such title won the award for best cookbook on local cuisine at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2018.

2007 – present: Freelance Translator & Language Practitioner (TranslatorBee)
2014 – 2016: Project Manager & Translator (Folio Online)
2014 – Language Practitioner (In Context/Media24)
2011 – 2012: Proofreader (Berge Farrell)
2010 – Managing Editor (Oxford University Press Southern Africa)
2005 – 2007: Language Practitioner (TNS Research Surveys)
2005 – Project Manager (Struik Christian Books)
2003 – 2005: Media Scanner (Newsclip Media Monitoring)


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