Robyn Veary

My Qualifications

Not on records


Years of experience

6 Years


Annual reports
Business communications
Distance Learning materials
FET College
Higher Education/Academic
Letters and Memos
Marketing material
Narrative non-fiction
School textbooks
Social media
Web text

Subject areas

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Skill detail

Hard working

Special subjects

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Business details

Company name

Sunshine Edits

About the editor

About me

Work experience

Robyn Veary founded Sunshine Edits in January 2015. To those who know her, this was scarcely a surprise. She developed a love for reading and writing when she was ten years old, and things have snowballed from there. A love of correcting people's pronunciation (yes, she’s one of those people) led to a talent for helping people with their punctuation, syntax, spelling, arrangements, active voice, and everything to do with the spoken and written word! Editing is how Robyn helps others and where her core values grew from.

Her services include:
* editing
* proofreading
* reference checking (in academic and corporate settings)
* typesetting and formatting
* manuscript assessment
* audio transcription

Since founding her editing company, Sunshine Edits, in 2015, the type of work that she has performed has varied. Starting from a corporate services module, she expanded into editing literature, academics, and commercial services.

Most recently, editing services have been focused on academic and fiction work, transcription has been performed for corporate clients, and typesetting has purely been done on fiction products.


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